Black Diamond Route 105

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The Route 105 is a versatile and robust ski for everyday use in the backcountry. Its hard-wearing materials and sophisticated construction make it a well-cushioned, yet responsive ski that can easily withstand years of use in the backcountry.

The Route 105 is a robust ski for everyday use in the backcountry. With its floating construction and resistant materials, it offers well-cushioned and responsive performance. The result is a powerful and controllable ski for big lines and technically demanding gutters. Its robust construction makes it a reliable companion - season after season, from deep snow descents to daily ski tours before or after work. Made in Austria with a fiberglass construction, poplar core and flat-top construction for improved torsional rigidity, the route combines many of the design principles of our Helio series, with the focus on durability, which makes the ski ideal for the long season in the backcountry.

  • Versatile sidecut with 105 mm under the binding for variable conditions
  • Rocker shovel with traditional pre-tensioning under the binding
  • Made in Austria with prepreg fiberglass construction and poplar core
  • Flat-top construction for improved strength and torsional stiffness
  • Optimal use: 70% soft snow / 30% hard snow

Weight per pair:  3.4 kg 

Dimensions :   132-105-119

Radius:   21 m

Construction:  Poplar core, Pre-preg fiberglass layup


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