Kohla Peak Mixmohair Universal Splitboard Skins - 135mm - 170cm


Peak 135mm Splitboard Universal cut-to-size skin Skin / Hotmelt Glue

Kohla offers a wide range of splitboard skins for every need. Newly developed fastenings and a large variety of adhesives and qualities underline our No. 1 position.
The proven Peak series was developed for frequent use and focuses on a balanced combination of gliding and climbing properties. The PEAK splitboard skin is suitable for all who prefer touring on slopes but are also open for fun in open terrain.
The reason for this is that the robustness and abrasion of the mixed mohair fiber are better than pure mohair. The climbing skins of the Peak series are equipped with the reliable Hotmelt Glue adhesive. This adhesive layer guarantees universal applicability and uncompromising handling.
The splitboard skins are available as universal versions, the multi-clip system is included here. The Kohla fastening system with T-Bar 85 is mounted on the tip. According to the instructions, the end of the skin must be cut to the board using a template. The elastic strap is hammered in and fixed in place. The skin is then attached to the end of the board with the help of the butterfly.

Videos and instructions for this on our website.

Material: 65% Mohair 35% Nylon
Width: 135 mm
Features: Specific solvent-free Hot-Melt glue
Application range up to -30°C
Prefabricated skin strip (135 mm width)
Supplied with skin bag, protective foil
Lenght 170 cm
Multifit Skin
Mixmohair (65% mohair/35% nylon)
4 layer lamination
Exclusive speed webbing
Water-resistant fluorocarbon impregnation
Solvent-free coating
Polyester-cotton back layer system
PA and TPE plastic parts
Stainless steel tip attachment
Butterfly attachment


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