Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition


Elan Ripstick Black Edition skis are an awesome showpiece and an even cooler ski. For the one-ski quiver, this just about nails it. With a fantastic blend of power, precision, and nimbleness, the Ripstick Black Edition is a twin of the Ripstick 96, just with a special graphic and a different construction. The power mainly comes from the wood core and the carbon tubelite technology. In the tips and tails are vapor inserts that stiffen while lightening, and these reduce chattiness on harder snow conditions. Adding to the stiffness is an additional layer of carbon that takes the performance to the next level. But those carbon tubes that run alongside the edges of the skis really go a long way to make the ski both more powerful and precise. By placing the stiffer material over the edges of the ski, you get that quick transfer of energy from your boot to the edge of the ski, and this makes all the difference in the high-performance world. On hard-pack, that stiffness goes a long way in getting the ski to carve like a race ski would. As a result, the skier can jam out all day on the groomers or head out and ski the backcountry, trees, moguls, or bowls. These skis are truly a versatile stick that can handle it all. Keeping the skis on top of the fresh snow is the Amphibio rocker profile. By placing the rocker on the outside edges and the camber on the inside edges, the skis are precise on the downhill ski and playful on the uphill ski. This gives a great blend of versatility and power. The 2019 Elan Ripstick Black Edition Skis are a versatile all-mountain thriller for advanced and expert skiers.


  • Sidecut: 134/96/113 mm
  • Turn Radius: 18 meters at 181 cm length
  • Wood Core with Carbon and Composite Laminates
  • Tip and Tail Taper
  • Amphibio Rocker Profile
  • Tubelite Technology
  • Ability Level: Advanced and Expert Skiers


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